in the blue


in the blue – a short film

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue
with texts by Marco Serra, Angela Lyn and Pio Wennubst

Press release: english / german

Collaborating with colleagues from various disciplines, in the blue strives to take a fresh approach to the function of a gallery exhibition. Becoming a meeting place for contemplation and exchange, the visitors become participants.

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blue earth 2019, oil on canvas 68 x 220 cm

Whilst looking carefully, nothing is obvious.

As an artist, whether from the perspective of a single work or an installation, I try to offer the viewer space to reflect. Images to revisit over time. In my paintings, I try to create a resonance that touches the viewer on an essential human level. Trees and landscapes become places to map out thought, feelings and ideas. It is the earth that ultimately connects us.

Through careful attention to detail, I hope to convey commitment and presence. Using painting as a language, I am interested in the power of art to affect us in daily life. The theme – in the blue – is a theme that touches us all. Not only us, but those to come. The idea of bringing people into the gallery exhibition to collectively engage with this theme emerges from a shared dilemma: how to respond to our troubled earth?

Angela Lyn