Angela Lyn 1955, was born in Windsor, England to a Chinese father and an English mother.
She has been a practising artist all her life. She absolved her studies in Fine Art at Southampton
College of Art, Byam Shaw (now Central St Martins) London, and the Master Class in painting at the
Kunstgewerbeschule Basel, in Switzerland. Since 1994, having lived in the UK, the US and Asia,
Angela lives and works in Switzerland. She is the mother of three children.
Angela has exhibited extensively throughout her career in Switzerland and abroad. Her most recent
exhibition in Taipei explores cultural identity and the significance of origin in the global era. Her works
reflect a unique synthesis of both eastern and western culture and can be found internationally in
numerous private, corporate and museum collections.

In a globalising world, where cultural diversity is ever increasing, I am interested in what touches us
regardless of who we are or where we are from. My close observations of the expansive nature
surrounding my studio on Lake Lugano serve as a basis through which I explore and reflect on human
response, nature being the essential common denominator of us all. I consciously choose traditional
media: oil painting, drawing and bronze sculpture for my practice; examining their resonance in a world
dominated by technology and an ever-faster production of the new.

                                                                                                                                 A. Lyn


Solo Exhibitions

2018 floating gardens Cortesi Gallery, London

2017 in the public eye in collaboration with Museo d’Arte della Svizzera Italiana and Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale, Lugano

2017 lugano project in collaboration with Chambers Fine Art, New York

2017 the long journey home Artrue Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2016 cedaring triptych presented at MASI museum, LAC, Lugano

2016 Un Quadro, Una Musica, with Jesse Bannister and Manjeet Singh Rasiya, LAC, Lugano

2015 building site: An artists Initiative in Shoreditch, London, with Balbir Singh Dance Co., Jesse Bannister, supported by Swiss Embassy, British Arts Council, The FT, London

2014 thursdays donnerstag Freitags Galerie, with Manu Wurch, Solothurn

2013  raum geben Schloss Vorderer-Bleichenberg with Pi Ledergerber and Manu Wurch, Solothurn

2012 giving way curated by Max Koss, The Gallery in Cork Street, London

2011  stringing pearls Gallery semina rerum, Irène Preiswerk, Zürich

2010 meet me there for tea Gallery Hufschmid, Zürich

2009  my china Haus der Kunst St Josef, Solothurn

2007  living here Gallery Ursula Huber, Basel

2007 living here Museo Cantonale d’Arte ala Est, Lugano

2006 landscapes and portraits Gallery Hufschmid, Zürich

2005 blossom blossom Haus der Kunst St Josef, w. Martin Kasper, Solothurn

2004  room 12 Kunst Raum Riehen, with Christine Duerr, Christian Vogt and Paul Zoller, Riehen

2002 Gallery Esther Hufschmid , Zürich

2000 Kunsthalle, Maxe Sommer, Burgdorf

1996 Harry Zellweger, Lugano

1994 Gallery Catherine Maurer, Bern

1992 stirring the folds of a well kept lawn Gallery Treppenhaus Loeb, Bern

1991 Gallery Catherine Maurer, Bern

1987 laut und leise Gallery Gisèle Linder, Basel

1984 Gallery Brigitta Rosenberg, Zürich

1982 Gallery Mattheus, Basel

1980 Gallery Arrigo, Zürich


Group Exhibitions (selection)

2018 Taipei 101 Exhibition and invited keynote speaker at the Swiss forum, Taipei, Taiwan

2012 Traumlandschaft Gallery Ursula Huber, Basel

2009 the Last Act Gallery Esther Hufschmid, Zürich

2008 Christmas Exhibition Haus der Kunst St Josef, Solothurn

2004 Anniversary Exhibition Gallery Gisele Linder, Basel

1996 semina rerum Irène Preiswerk, Zürich

1995 senza biglietto Lugano

1992 Christmas Exhibition Kunsthalle, Bern

1991 Berrowergut, Riehen

1991 Louise Aeschlimann Grant, Bern

1990 Federal Arts Grant, Basel

1989 Louise Aeschlimann Grant, Bern

1988 Non anonymous project Court of Justice, Basel

1986 Christmas Exhibition Kunsthalle, Basel

1986 Gegenverkehr Kulturhaus Palazzo, Liestal

1984 Christmas Exhibition Kunsthalle, Basel

1982 Federal Arts Grant, Basel


Art  Fairs (selection)

2018 WOPART Cortesi Gallery, Lugano

2017 Art Taipei, Artrue, Taipei, Taiwan

2017 WOPART Chambers Gallery New York, Lugano

2017 Artefiera Bologna, Cortesi Gallery, Bologna

2017 Art Genève Cortesi Gallery, Geneva

1985-1987 Art Basel, Galerie Rosenberg, Basel

1982 Art Basel, Matteus Gallery, Basel


Collections (selection)

MASI, permanent collection, Lugano, Switzerland

Novartis, Basel, Switzerland

Bank Vontobel, Zurich, Switzerland

Banca dello Stato, Locarno, Switzerland

BIS Bank, Basel, Switzerland

Bindella AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Marazzi Imobilien, Bern, Switzerland

Loeb AG, Bern, Switzerland

Ted Su, Inhouse, Taipei, Taiwan

Dr. Daniel Vasella, Novartis, private collection, Switzerland

Susan Kronick, private collection, United States

Patrick Dormoy, Atrium Ltd, private collection, Great Britain

Oleg Smirnov, SNS, private collection, Russia

Alexis Williams, The Guardian Fashion Publishing, private collection, Great Britain

Hanspeter and Christine Rentsch, Switzerland

Drs. Jakob and Cecile Leimgruber, Switzerland

Dr Beatrix and Christian Habermann, Board Guggenheim Venice, Switzerland